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Re: (ITS#6471) dynlist overlay only acknowledging last dynlist-attrset statement

> Interesting.  I can't seem to imagine why this behaved the way it did =
> (looking over my config again)   I am just happy that moving it fixed =
> the issue.

Well, unless you can come up with a configuration AND a test case that is
fully reproducible, I'd rather avoid spending further time on this issue.

If the problem is related to intermixing configuration statements, then it
is a bug, but it might only surface when something really odd happens
(like one module mucking with some pointer somewhere and not restoring
things as they should be).  Then the only thing we can do is exactly track
what caused this.

However, in your case, you're not actually intermixing statements, but
rather sort overlays differently: all dynlist related statements exactly
follow the "overlay dynlist" statement, but different overlays are ordered
differently.  This calls for unexpected interaction between overlays stack
execution that results in the odd behavior you observed.  This should be a
bug as well, unless there is a good reason for having different behavior
when overlays are stacked differently (e.g. an overlay legally mucks with
data that is later handled by another).  Again, unless you can present a
clearly reproducible case, it's quite hard to track, and likely impossible
if it's data dependent.

So I'm happy you solved your specific issue by rearranging the order of
the overlays.