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Re: (ITS#6471) dynlist overlay only acknowledging last dynlist-attrset statement

> Actually, maybe I wasn't totally wrong.  There MAY be a bug at work, =
> just not the one I initially thought ....
> 1.) Implemented your exact working example on my dev server.  Worked.
> 2.) Implemented same example on my QA server.  Worked.
> 3.) Implemented on a production server. Failed.
> I then realized the dynlist-attrset was listed as follows:
> syncrepl params
> accesslog params
> dynlist-attrset params
> I then moved the slapd.conf dynlist configuration lines ABOVE syncrepl =
> lines (below my indexes for this DB).
> Example then worked in production.
> Is THAT a bug? That its behavior changes depending on where it is placed =
> inside of a given 'database' section?

It is supposed to be a bug.  It's also the reason I asked from the
beginning to see the real configuration, real data and real operation
causing the issue.  If you keep hiding essential details, and only provide
bits of information each time, it'll take ages to just discover where the
issue is.