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Re: (ITS#6471) dynlist overlay only acknowledging last dynlist-attrset statement

> Isn't this what you expect?

That is EXACTLY what I expect.  But all hits either come back in POSIX =
format (e.g: just the usernames alone), OR LDAP format (e.g: DNs as =
members).  Never BOTH (like in your example, which is what we want).

So, yes, your TEST is correct.  However I am seeing something very =
different on my end.

Clearly I am doing something wrong. Either:

1.) A syntax error somewhere in my URI syntax, or
2.) A syntax error somewhere in the dynlist overlay area in my =

> It represents the objectClass that, when present in an entry that is =
> returned by a search, triggers the dynlist expansion.

That TOO is what I interpreted from both the examples and the manpage.

So you have answered my question:

1.) Is not a bug
2.) What I am trying to do is perfectly valid
3.) I am the problem - I am doing something wrong =3D)

Thank you Pierangelo, as always you're extremely helpful.


> p.