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(ITS#6471) dynlist overlay only acknowledging last dynlist-attrset statement

Full_Name: J
Version: 2.4.20
OS: Debian-Lenny/amd64
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

While using the dynlist.la overlay, I found that it is only observing the
bottom-most dynlist-attrset statement.

For example:

dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL     <--- ignored
dynlist-attrset posixGroup memberURL memberUid:uid   <--- observed

Individually (one at a time) each one of these statements does exactly what we
need.   When combined, however, all dynamic groups are indiscriminately expanded
using one attrset "method".   In the above example, all dynamic groups are
expanded to the simple UID field (like a posix group).  The groupOfURLs attrset
rule (what would normally generate simple DN-member groups) is completely

I've read the manpage, and although I don't see anything that says only one will
be observed, I wanted to check with someone here to make sure this isn't a bug. 
If it isn't a bug, rather a feature, perhaps this topic should be expanded in
the next manpage revision.

Let me know, thanks.