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Re: (ITS#6457) hiding remote attribute with rwm-map in relay context crashes server

Guillaume.Rousse@inria.fr wrote:
> Le 18/01/2010 17:13, masarati@aero.polimi.it a écrit :
>> Could not reproduce.  Apparently, it's something else that's creating
>> hassle.  Please provide a stack backtrace.
> Actually, it's an assertion failure un entry.c:
> slapd: entry.c:483: entry_clean: Assertion `e->e_private == ((void *)0)' 
> failed.
> Abandon
> Here the backtrace, but compilation optimisation may hinder its usability:

Well, at least it shows where the failure is.  However, since I can't 
reproduce it, I'll need your (sanitized) slapd.conf, a LDIF to load and 
the operation that causes the failure.