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Re: (ITS#6455) Able to crash slapd while using back_ldap

quanah@zimbra.com writes:
> Building unix software with debugging symbols is basic system
> administrator knowledge.  There is nothing "openldap" specific about
> doing so.

Yes, there is, since OpenLDAP uses autoconf, libtool & co with defaults
that get in the way of debugging:

Openldap 'make install' strips debugging symbols, so you must either run
slapd from the source tree or install with 'make install STRIP=:' or
something, I don't remember at the moment.

Also it helps debugging to remove the optimize option which OpenLDAP
uses by default if it can compiler-specific, but with gcc that's
     ./configure CFLAGS="-g"

> I would suggest updating <http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/59.html> 
> with any information you feel specifically is lacking.

I'll make a note to update that one a bit.