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Re: (ITS#6442) slaptools iteration enhancement

masarati@aero.polimi.it writes:
> Both changes will cause binary incompatibility; the latter will not
> require to modify custom backends (I've already modified all the
> existing backends, exploiting in most cases the new feature; in
> back-bdb there is room for minimal improvement, as DN lookahead is
> relatively straightforward, so if base/scope is defined, but no
> filter, some advantages can be expected).

Could you put them at the end of the tool_globals variable instead?
Then the binary incompatibility will only be in tool_globals, not in the
backend structure.  I suppose this variant makes a bit a mess for glue
if nothing else - I assume it would need to to save/modify/restore such
global parameters.  Slap tools could accept these parameters only for
backends which which set a flag to say they handle them.

Might even put them in a mostly empty Operation in tool_globals.  Some
backends may be able to reuse existing Search code that way, and other
search-like parameters could be added later if we want.  However that
introduces incompatibility after all, so maybe that's for RE25.
'#define tv_sub_ndn tv_op.o_req_ndn' can handle source code compat.