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Re: ITS#6439

> =46rom Solaris 10's 'ldapclient' manpage:
>      defaultSearchScope=3Done | sub
>          Specify the default search scope for the client's search
>          operations.  This  default can be overridden for a given
>          service by  specifying  a  serviceSearchDescriptor.  The
>          default is one level search.
> The parameter 'defaultSearchScope' only allows ONE or SUB.
> The 'serviceSearchDescriptor' is not an option, since this is designed =
> to work with NSS objects like 'passwd', 'shadow', 'hosts', etc.  rootDSE =
> is not a service in that sense, so it won't work here.
> For compatibility reasons, It may well be in OpenLDAP's best interest to =
> provide options such as the ones I described previously, for "broken" or =
> "substandard" clients such as the ones I am using.
> I will point out that Solaris 11 doesn't exhibit these issues ---- But =
> my company wants to use Solaris 10, which leaves me in the middle of a =
> finger pointing party between OPENLDAP and SUN.  So you can understand =
> why I might be asking for something as strange as this ....
> SUN says OpenLDAP's standard/methods are questionable & strange.  =
> OpenLDAP says Sun's client is broken and that we should hack it.   I say =
> screw Solaris 10.

OpenLDAP may be questionable & strange, I'm not going to debate it.  But I
pointed you to a RFC that clearly states what's the correct procedure to
perform an operation.  You're pointing me to the man page of a client that
eventually got fixed across releases.  If a client can't perform an
operation dictated by an RFC, and pretends to do it another way, I'd call
that "questionable & strange".

> Thank you for your assistance. You can probably close this ticket.