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Re: (ITS#5340) REP_ENTRY_MODIFIABLE bug in dynlist

> Forgot to enclose the URL.
> http://folk.uio.no/hbf/OpenLDAP/slapreply-draft2.diff

At a first glance, your patch makes sense.  I see your concern, this
approach is definitely fragile.  However, I see two points:

- the code is not just modified by everyone, so we can count on paying
relative attention to what is done, as soon as there are clear guidelines

- we should probably produce some indications about how code needs to be
used.  I'm not thinking about a comprehensive programming guide, but some
clear guidelines about writing safe code in critical areas like this would
be of help.

In cases like this, I'd really prefer to be able to exploit OOP and data
abstraction as in C++.