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Re: (ITS#6421) simple filter with no brackets breaks slapo-dynlist(5)

masarati@aero.polimi.it writes:
> This fix allows the overlay to use poorly formatted data
> since we cannot prevent the user from using it.

Which is what I suspect is a misfeature...

> A better fix would be to intercept write operations that modify entries in
> a manner that would trigger slapo-dynlist(5), and be picky about how URLs
> are written.  This would not fix existing databases, nor handle cases
> where slapo-dynlist(5) is configured using slapd-config(5).

Yesbut... LDAP URLs can come from many sources and be used in many
contexts; I suppose this would in practice need to treat URL-valued
attributes as if they had an URL syntax.  I guess we could as an
extension, turned on by default.

> Or, we could simply become picky about how LDAP URIs are written in general.