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Re: (ITS#6421) simple filter with no brackets breaks slapo-dynlist(5)

masarati@aero.polimi.it writes:
> Well, the fact is that memberURL is stored in the data.  As soon as we
> accept that value, we need to deal with it.  The current behavior of
> slapo-dynlist(5) consists in ignoring it (the resulting filter cannot be
> parsed).  We should rather reject values like this when written in the
> database, but this would probably break other applications.  So I
> believe the fix is better than silently ignoring these values.

I disagree.  Data validation in LDAP is generally the user's job, LDAP
syntaxes are very rough in that regard.

If this is a fix to make dynlist compatible with the rest of OpenLDAP's
handling of URLs in data (e.g. the ref attribute), then this is a good
fix and I'm way to late to complain.  But in my view, if this fix is
introducing an incompatibility with the LDAP spec, then it's not.