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Re: (ITS#6412) compute loop in openldap 2.4.20

Allan E. Johannesen wrote:
>>>>>> "hyc" == Howard Chu<hyc@symas.com>  writes:
> hyc>  I think we'll need a copy of your client and server certs to
> hyc>  reproduce this locally to identify a fix. And your slapd.conf /
> hyc>  ldap.conf / .ldaprc TLS settings.
> I'm guessing the client cert might be a slapd syncrepl slave; I don't know
> where else a client cert might arrive.  Would you need the key and the ca file
> from the server?
> Before I do that, are you sure you don't see this sort of behavior at all?

Yes, I was able to reproduce it here. A new patch is in HEAD, 
connection.c:1.449. Please test, thanks.

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