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Re: (ITS#6334) hang during ldapmodify


A quick correction... I should have said the operation hangs when I use
SSL.  However, I just did a quick test and it also hangs when using TLS
as well.  I'm not sure if the underlying mechanism (once security is
enabled with TLS) is actually the same, it appears to be from the packet
dumps, but wanted to make sure I was clear about this.

>From my testing, the operation needs to utilize TLS or SSL and
SASL/GSSAPI.  If I turn off TLS/SSL or use simple binding, everything
works.  It's only when I combine all of these mechanisms and use an ldif
file of a certain size (apparently) things start to hang.

Clear as mud?


Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> --On Monday, October 26, 2009 10:49 AM -0400 Mark Dieterich
> <mkd@cs.brown.edu> wrote:
>> Quanah,
>> As expected, the 2.4.19 version with the encode.c from HEAD hangs if TLS
>> is enabled as well.  Not sure where to go from here.
> Does it happen with TLS only, no SASL/GSSAPI?
> --Quanah