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Re: (ITS#6334) hang during ldapmodify


Here is the output of db_stat -c:

114     Last allocated locker ID.
2147M   Current maximum unused locker ID.
9       Number of lock modes.
10000   Maximum number of locks possible.
10000   Maximum number of lockers possible.
10000   Maximum number of lock objects possible.
18      Number of current locks.
107     Maximum number of locks at any one time.
112     Number of current lockers.
112     Maximum number of lockers at any one time.
18      Number of current lock objects.
64      Maximum number of lock objects at any one time.
2832673 Total number of locks requested.
2832655 Total number of locks released.
0       Total number of lock requests failing because DB_LOCK_NOWAIT was
5       Total number of locks not immediately available due to conflicts.
0       Number of deadlocks.
0       Lock timeout value.
0       Number of locks that have timed out.
0       Transaction timeout value.
0       Number of transactions that have timed out.
3MB 624KB       The size of the lock region..
470     The number of region locks granted after waiting.
4491131 The number of region locks granted without waiting.

The information looks fine to me, however,  I am totally willing to
admit I am not great at tuning bdb.  I've spent time reading through the
tuning docs and made a best effort, but it is entirely possible this
could be a tuning issue.



> What is the output from db_stat (For your BDB version) -c in your
> database where you are making modifications?  Have you run out of
> locks/lockers/lock objects?
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