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Re: (ITS#6330) slapd memory leak

--On Friday, October 16, 2009 10:39 AM +0000 whm@stanford.edu wrote:

> And in researching the problem I see that this is a well trodden path.
> I found a particularly useful thread from 2006 entitled "better malloc
> strageties" in the OpenLDAP archives.  As I result I packaged up
> libhoard, installed it, and re-ran the valgrind test.  The short test
> showed no memory leaks.  I will perform more extensive tests, but this
> appears to have fixed the problem.  Thanks for your work, then and
> now.

You were running slapd without hoard or tcmalloc???? That was a basic 
requirement I put into place for Stanford ages ago.



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