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Re: (ITS#6330) slapd memory leak

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> whm@stanford.edu wrote:
>> Here is the valgrind output.  The complete log is at
>>    http://www.stanford.edu/~whm/files/slapd/valgrind-memcheck.txt
> All of this indicates memory leaks and errors in the SASL library, not any bug 
> in OpenLDAP.

That was exactly my suspect when you originally stated that the leak 
only appeared after wrapping dynlist requests within a SASL bind/unbind. 
  The leak could still be related to an improper use of SASL library 
calls by OpenLDAP, although unlikely.  However, that valgrind output 
does not help as leaks related to malloc are too hidden into SASL; you 
should add --num-callers=<more than 12, the default; enough to see 
something related to OpenLDAP's code>.