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Re: (ITS#6331) slapd freezing, not accepting further 'write' operations while 'read' operations are unaffected

OK, I believe the dead-lock issue is solved, however OCCASIONALLY when  
attempting a restart or stop of the slapd process, it throws an error  
saying 'slapd stop failed', however the slapd process does quit as  
expected, so its a "false failure".

The one possibility for the reason this is happening, aside from  
blaming slapd, is that my two test boxes are VMs ... so I kind of  
expect sluggish responses, especially on a VMware server as busy as  
ours.  I will note that our production LDAP servers are NOT VMs and  
will never be ;-)

I believe you were correct, Pierangelo.  I will post my findings over  
the next fews days to keep everyone in the loop.