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Re: (ITS#6324) slapd -d ? emits incorrect value for LDAP_DEBUG_ANY on x86_64

>> Please check the fix in HEAD.  I can't check right now on x86_64, but
>> I'll
>> probably do it tomorrow.  Apparently, I didn't break anything on 32 bit.
> 'slapd -d ?' still lists the 64-bit value for LDAP_DEBUG_ANY on x86_64:
> --
> Installed log subsystems:
>         Any                            (18446744073709551615)
> [...]
> --
> As I mentioned, this is due to the unsigned long format specifier (%lu) in
> loglevel_print(). Changing the format specifier to %u emits the correct
> value (4294967295) on this architecture.
> With your fix, slapd accepts the numeric value 4294967295 for
> LDAP_DEBUG_ANY on x86_64.

Should be fixed now.  Also, please note the slightly changed behavior: the
decimal *and* the hexadecimal value are both printed.  This can be
reversed if anyone fears it breaks anything.

Thanks, p.