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Re: (ITS#6310) Slapd with pcache crashes under load

I have somehow changed the setup:

The first process is a ldap to sql server withpout pcache
the config file is here:

The second process is a pure cache that reads from the first process 
using unix domain socket. The config file is here:

The sql backend runs without problems. But the proxy process crashes 
once or twice a day on assertion:

The output of the process is here:

It was running in valgrind, so here is its output:

The process has dumped a core. I have made a debugging session with it. 
Here it is:

I am not sure what to look for. The process aborts on the same 
asserrtion even it is not run in valgrind.

May be I should try with libdb-4.8?

Thanks in advance