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Re: (ITS#6324) slapd -d ? emits incorrect value for LDAP_DEBUG_ANY on x86_64

> The 32-bit value 4294967295 for LDAP_DEBUG_ANY is also rejected.
> lutil_atoix() declares i as type long and tries to check for overflow(?)
> with this cast:
> if ( (long)(int)i != i ) {
> which always fails in this case on x86_64. lutil_atoux() might be the more
> appropriate choice here.
> str2loglevel() seems to behave correctly by virtue of verb_to_mask()
> returning an index into loglevel_ops, but I haven't checked extensively.
> loglevel_init(), however, does specify a hardcoded -1 for the Any level
> instead of LDAP_DEBUG_ANY.

Please check the fix in HEAD.  I can't check right now on x86_64, but I'll
probably do it tomorrow.  Apparently, I didn't break anything on 32 bit.

Thanks, p.