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Re: (ITS#6320)

OK, maybe I wasn't clear enough, so I'll rephrase my initial question:

Is it normal for a 'slapd' server to ONLY correct itself via a restart  
of the 'slapd' process?

I asked because of my earlier findings today.  Since waiting for the  
system to correct the discrepancy in the DIT by itself proved to be a  
futile exercise, and since a manual restart produced the results, it  
seemed as though I was observing suboptimal behavior, and was asking  
if this was indicative of something else.

On Oct 2, 2009, at 23:02 , Howard Chu wrote:

> j@telepaths.org wrote:
>> Is it normal for a 'slapd' server to correct itself via a restart of
>> the slapd process?  Currently, I have one Consumer that is 2-records
>> behind in Synchronization - I restarted his process and the records
>> immediately were replicated.  This normally is NOT standard behavior.
>> Can anyone explain? Is this expected? Indicative of another problem?
> That's what the "refresh" in "refreshAndPersist" is about. Any  
> freshly started consumer will automatically sync up to the current  
> state of the provider.
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