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Re: (ITS#6320)

My last email was likely indecipherable, so re-sending as plain text:


This may sound like a strange question, but couldn't seem to find the  
answer in the docs:

Would the global "idletimeout" parameter interfere with  
'refreshAndPersist' operations in any way?

I ask because I have had yet another instance where my three  
production consumers did not get a series of updates that it should  
have.  This was hours after successfully adding an accesslog database  
to all Provider servers in question.

When querying the log database:

ldapsearch -b cn=log -xD uid=log,cn=log -w logpassword -s sub -H ldap://ldap-provider-in-question

I see that the records-in-question were in fact updated as they should  
have .... but there's absolutely no information hinting towards WHY a  
remote server would fail to get updates (especially when all LDAP  
traffic in between the said-hosts is unrestricted and unmoderated).   
Hence why I began to scrutinize the 'idletimeout' parameter  
(previously set to 45 seconds, now has been removed entirely from all  
Providers AND Consumers alike).

Still looking at, testing and contemplating this whole situation ...  
I'll keep you posted, but am curious if anyone has any input to my  
question above, thanks.


I am officially out of ideas - synchronization is entirely unreliable.  
Need guidance ASAP. Thanks .....