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Re: (ITS#6303) Buffer overflow with new glibc

> Could you test if this works instead?
>    http://folk.uio.no/hbf/ol-struct-hack-1.patch
> If that doesn't work, similar code elsewhere may be in danger.

This hack seems to work just fine. But I'd like to ask if it's the right way to 
do it - I mean, as you said the code isn't run that often, so there is no need 
to consider performance and I think my patch offers cleaner solution. If you 
are willing to use it, I will of course finish it so it is without flaws you 

If you are still interested in the additional information, I used 
glibc-2.10.90-23 and gcc-4.4.1-15 on x86_64 system (Intel Core2Quad).

Jan Zeleny

Associate SW Engineer, BaseOS Team
Brno, Czech Republic