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Re: (ITS#6242) PCache cache corruption

karavelov@spnet.net wrote:
> Hello,
> I have recompiled slapd (2.4.18-release) on another machine (i386) in
> order to see if the bug is architecture dependent - the other servers
> are on amd64 architecture. It shows the same bug.
> The log file could be found here:
> http://purgatory.spnet.net/~karavelov/d2
> for the failing record, search for:
> filter="(&(objectClass=mailDomain)(dc=justillusion.net))"
> It does not fail with "scope not ok" error, but with "bdb_search: no
> candidates". I have seen the same error appear on the other servers
> (amd64) but I had trouble to isolate the whole history of the query. On
> this test server I have seen the other error too ("scope not ok") so the
> failing mode is not architecture dependent.

This is now fixed in HEAD overlays/pcache.c. The bug occurred because the 
cache was seeing a child entry first, and so the dc=justillusion.net object 
got created as a glue entry. Later when the actual dc=justillusion.net entry 
was received, the modify to store its true values in the cache DB failed 
because it needed the manageDSAit control.

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