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Re: (ITS#6242) PCache cache corruption


I have got the same errors plus additional abort on assertion using 
differend configuration.

I have decided to split slapd functions in 2 daemons:

1st instance of slapd is configured with back-sql and listent to unix 
domain socket
2nd instance is a proxy to the first instance with pcache overlay - it 
servers clients.

The config of the slapd with sql backend could be found here:
It works without any error

The config of the proxy could be found here:

It countinues to corrupt random records in the cache. A full log of the 
slapd could be found here:


For the failing record look for: 

Additionally, now it aborts on assertion at random times. The output of 
the server could be found here:

Started in background it emits a lot of ld warnings like the one in the 
beginning of the latest file

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions