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Re: (ITS#6200) slapd crashes under load w/ syncrepl

--On Thursday, September 17, 2009 1:21 PM +0000 joacim.breiler@hgo.se wrote:

> We are trying out the 2.4.18 release with a syncrepl Multi-Master setup
> and are experiencing similar problems as mentioned above.
> It will shut down with a segfault after heavy processing/updating of
> about 3000-17000 entries. We can reproduce this in about 10-20 minutes
> of heavy load. However, in this short execution time we can't find any
> signs of memory leakage.
> Unfortunatly I can't get any good tracebacks from gdb. I've tried
> compiling openldap with:
> export CPPFLAGS="-D_GNU_SOURCE -g". And also --enable-debug with
> /configure. Any pointers?
> This is the traceback I get, but I guess it isn't very helpful without
> the complete debugging information:

When you ran "make install" did you put STRIP=""?


make install STRIP=""

otherwise, the slapd binary has all its debugging information stripped out.



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