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Re: (ITS#6281) Duplicate entries when changing DN on newly created consumer

> The problem was mine, no syncrepl. I usually start the client with a
> fresh/recent dump from the master, but neglected to dump the extended
> attrs along with the regular ones. That resulted in "slapadd" creating
> new entryUUID/etc attrs on the consumer, which then would not match
> the master.
> If a warning would be useful, then perhaps "slapadd" could warn on
> importing an LDIF without entryUUIDs, but it's not a bug in this case.
> An alternate to reduce "operator error" might be to compare a master
> UUID on the first sync and notify of a mismatch, which could also help
> prevent accidentally trying to sync from the wrong master.

Please keep replies to the ITS.  OK, I understand.  In this case,
slapadd(8) needs to be able to load a LDIF without operational attrs and
create them accordingly.  Still, there's room for warning in that case if
slapadd(8) is done for a database configured to use syncrepl.