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Re: (ITS#6194) Patch - Enhancement - provide LDIF support as libldif

rmeggins@redhat.com wrote:
> One thing that a general purpose LDIF parser needs is support for change 
> records - for example, the ability to read in a changetype: modify and 
> parse the changes into an LDAPMod ** or something like that.  There's 
> already code in ldapmodify to do this, it would need to be refactored 
> into libldif.

There are not only add/modify operations possible in a LDIF file.

Personally I'm banging my head about adding full support for change records in
python-ldap's LDIF parser. At the end one would have to trigger all LDAP
operations including processing of LDAPv3 extended controls. So I guess for a
C API this would mean a call-back interface full-featured like libldap itself.
(So the next question would be whether to stick with this LDAP C API...)

Ciao, Michael.