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Re: (ITS#4730) Overlay that generates operational attributes to support GUI interaction

>> HI!
>> I've added support for 'allowedAttributesEffective' in web2ldap recently
>> which
>> works with AD. I tried this overlay but it seg faults with recent
>> OpenLDAP
>> version. Any chance to get this back on the radar?
> Michael,
> I've built and tested my copy of allowed.c with HEAD and re24 and it works
> as expected.  However, I might have modified it to keep pace with baseline
> code evolution without resubmitting modifications.

My version was indeed rather modified, that's why it worked.  It's now in
HEAD's contrib/slapd-modules/allowed/.  It builds fine with HEAD and re24;
it should also build with OL 2.3, although I haven't checked in a while. 
Please test and report.