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Re: (ITS#4730) Overlay that generates operational attributes to support GUI interaction

> HI!
> I've added support for 'allowedAttributesEffective' in web2ldap recently
> which
> works with AD. I tried this overlay but it seg faults with recent OpenLDAP
> version. Any chance to get this back on the radar?


I've built and tested my copy of allowed.c with HEAD and re24 and it works
as expected.  However, I might have modified it to keep pace with baseline
code evolution without resubmitting modifications.  I can't check right
now but I will.  If needed, I'll resubmit the modified code, so consider
it done.

The main reason I didn't put it directly in contrib/ is that at that time
I was considering the opportunity of packaging all contributions and
customizations intended for samba4 in something as self contained as
possible (in the end, supporting all samba4 related extensions may result
in stacking dozens of overlays, which may result in overhead and possibly
in incompatibilities, something we might need to deal with at some point).

However, as your interest seems to revitalize this feature, I see no
objection in putting it at least in contrib (if there's enough consensus).