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Re: (ITS#6247)


While I understand you to have both some IPR concerns and technical  
concerns with what Ando proposed, I will only concern myself to the  
IPR issues.

Thank you for updating your contribution to provide the required  

I have provided guidance to Ando on how to create a work derived from  
your submission which, I believe, mets the terms of the license, the  
OpenLDAP Public License, you granted.   In particular, I provided him  
guidance on how to properly "retain your copyright statement and  

Presuming your notices are properly retained, I see no IPR issue here  
in the project accepting your contribution and/or Ando's derived work,  
and the Foundation distributing either or both.   I do regularly  
review commits to our source repository to ensure IPR issues are  
adequately addressed, but do feel free to raise any issue you see in  
how we handle materials which you have copyright interest in.

Beyond that, I leave it to the Project to determine the technical  
suitability of these contributions and what, if any, modifications  
should be made prior to inclusion in OpenLDAP Software.  Given your  
license grant, the Foundation sees no obligation to seek further  
permission from you and hence will not seek additional permission  
before redistributing your work, with or without modification.

If it was your intent to require those redistributing your work, with  
or without modification, to obtain some additional permission from  
you, please immediately advise us that your copyright statement and  
notice do not reflect your intentions.  If immediately advised, we  
will try to honor your intentions.  Otherwise, we will continue to  
assume, as we do now, that your copyright statement and notice reflect  
your intentions at the time of your contribution was offered.

With that, I leave determination of the technical suitability to the  

Regards, Kurt