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Re: (ITS#6243) back-monitor fails to report entry cache usage

> Any chance we can get this fixed for 2.4.18 for the real backends?  I
> think
> making it so you can see the counters per-real backend should definitely
> be
> in place.  How to handle the frontend is interesting and definitely should
> be addressed as well but isn't (to me at least) quite as crucial at this
> moment. ;)

A quick hack consists in removing the test for SLAP_GLUE_SUBORDINATE() in
monitor_subsys_database_init().  This will expose subordinate databases
and thus should allow back-bdb and back-hdb to hook their cache stats
stuff.  Probably this is the best approach.  I would complement it by
adding a olmIsSubordinate attribute with TRUE value, and/or a
olmSuperiorSuffix containing the suffix of the superior.