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Re: (ITS#6250) Password modify ext.op. - automagically add simpleSecurityObject

Howard Chu wrote:
> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> Let's assume the policy for a deployment is that password changes MUST be
>> applied by using password modify ext. op. (e.g. because smbk5pwd is
>> used or
>> similar) and you want to use object class 'account' for user entries. How
>> could the attribute 'userPassword' be added to the user entry then?
>> It's kind
>> of a dead-lock situation.
> Then you made a mistake in your data design.

Nope. Since with a modify request I can achieve the goal by adding object
class 'simpleSecurityObject'. IMO password modify ext.op. should result in
userPassword being added. One could view it as a hen-and-egg problem because
'simpleSecurityObject' is mandating 'userPassword'.

> You should have chosen an
> objectclass (or set of objectclasses) that supports authentication from
> the outset. To me this is analogous to the usual prohibition against
> changing an object's structural class - you cannot change a car into a
> pencil. You cannot change a non-user into a user.

Please don't compare apples with pies.

'account' is STRUCTURAL so the user entry represents already a user.
'simpleSecurityObject' is AUXILIARY (not STRUCTURAL) which adds another
attribute. The STRUCTURAL object class of the entry is not altered, so no
magic change from a car into a pencil here.

Ciao, Michael.