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Re: (ITS#6217) proxycache not returning cached data

>> But he said that reversing the order of the filters (i.e. no
>> objectClass=someclass first) cures the problem.
> Sorry, if he told you that it must have been in a private email. There is
> no
> such statement recorded in the ITS. He said it would be simple to reverse
> the
> filters, but that it would not accomplish anything since he wants to cache
> searches from Samba. He didn't say that he actually tried reversing the
> filters or that it worked. At any rate, the issue in 5756 was confirmed
> fixed
> so again, I do not believe it's responsible for the current situation.

No private message.  I probably misunderstood the message in followup 2. 
My understanding of that message is that he tried swapping the simple
filters, but I admit the sentence sound ambiguous to me.