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Re: (ITS#6217) proxycache not returning cached data

> masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>> As far as I recall, this is a known issue, although I could not locate
>> early postings discussing this issue.  What happens is that proxy cache
>> makes use of the first item in the filter to discriminate between
>> responses.  In your filter template, the first item is the objectClass
>> equality, which means that any filter with that objectClass value,
>> regardless of the uid value, is treated as a duplicate of the first one.
>> If you reverse the order of the equality filters you'll get the expected
>> behavior.  There should be another open ITS for this issue, but I can't
>> locate it right now.
> The filter behavior you're describing was noted in ITS#5756, fixed in
> January.

That's exactly the ITS I was looking for.  Apparently I didn't use the
right keywords, or just overlooked it.