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Re: (ITS#6152) proxycache enhancements

masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
> Just in case, before it becomes totally incompatible with HEAD code, I
> have a patch I never committed, it's about making pcache admin-friendly if
> it makes any sense.
> It adds:
> - a (persistent) counter that reports, for each query, how many times it
> evaluated to answerable
> - "proxycache-" prefixed statements are passed to the private database.
> This allows to avoid ambiguities when applying general database directives
> in slapd.conf.  In fact, it is not clear whether they apply to the proxy
> database or to the cache database.
> If they make sense, I'd like to commit them before slapo-pcache
> enhancement begins.

Go ahead!

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