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Re: (ITS#6221) slapd segfault in SSL_CTX_set_info_callback

Thanks for the encouragement Michael :)

For those who find this in searches to come, I compiled OpenSSL (0.9.8k)
myself and the problem is resolved.  Not sure if this is a bug fixed
between 0.9.8h and 0.9.8k or something weird that IBM did when building
the package, but all is well now.


On Fri, 2009-07-24 at 13:24 +0200, Michael Str=C3=B6der wrote:
> steve@falchion.com wrote:
> > Now you might tell me (as you've already implied) to compile my own SSL
> > libraries,
> Being in your situation I'd try that.
> > which I may try, but doing so opens me up to a world of
> > interop issues as IBM tends to compile their tools with links to
> > specific versions of shared libraries (I've been there and done that in
> > AIX this year once already).
> You could build all the necessary libs (Berkeley DB, OpenSSL,
> cyrus-sasl, heimdal etc.) and install them in a separate prefix without
> conflicting with any pre-installed libs. I'd go that route and did that
> on e.g. old Solaris platforms. And I think it would be feasible for me
> even though I'm not an C programmer.
> > Do I sound frustrated yet? Cause I am...
> Sometimes things are hard. But just don't give up!
> Ciao, Michael.