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Re: (ITS#5836) hung writers

--On Thursday, July 09, 2009 9:23 AM +0000 jorge.perez@adaptia.net wrote:

> The last testing was wrong due to an old slapd.conf without
> writetimeout keyword, my apologies. We have been testing for 2 days to
> reproduce this problem and we have not seen the problem again, even
> though with debug symbols the assert ""assert( SLAP_SOCK_IS_ACTIVE( s
> ))"" still fails.

I think you mean compiling --with-debug, as opposed to debug symbols (-g to 
gcc).  All asserts get added to the code path if you build with 
--with-debug, but that is not the same as having debug symbols (which is 
generally good practice to have available).



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