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(ITS#6190) back-meta tls start only works when set before any target specification

Full_Name: Stephan Duehr
Version: 2.4.16
Submission from: (NULL) (

I specified tls start below each target specification and did not find any
STARTTLS in the targets log, running at loglevel 256.

man slapd-meta says:
       tls {[try-]start|[try-]propagate}
	      execute the StartTLS extended operation when the	connection  is
	      initialized;  only works if the URI directive protocol scheme is
	      not ldaps://.  propagate issues the StartTLS operation  only  if
	      the  original  connection  did.	The  try- prefix instructs the
	      proxy to continue operations if the StartTLS  operation  failed;
	      its  use	is  highly  deprecated.   If  set  before  any	target
	      specification, it affects all targets, unless overridden by  any
	      per-target directive.

So it should work when set for a target.

I verified the behavior by removing start tls before any target specfication
and setting it below each target, which resulted in not STARTTLS being sent