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Re: OpenLDAP dynamic configuration prefomance issue

Hello, Howard.

I don't know why, but dynamic objectClass creation time grows linearly depending on count of existing objectClasses in OpenLDAP schema.

I attach perfomance test result as a picture. Test was made on Fedora 9, using OpenLDAP 2.4.16 built from sources and configured to use HDB backend. Each measure point is time of execution of ldapmodify adding 100 randomly named objectClasses.

I can provide you with complete test script (it is very simple: writes to stdout LDIF, containing ldapmodify operation with 100 olcObjectClasses attributes to add).

Is it normal behavior of OpenLDAP, or bug, or misconfiguration?

WBR, Dmitry V. Korotkov

Howard Chu пишет:
Dmitry Korotkov wrote:
Dear OpenLDAP team,

I made some OpenLDAP stress tests on our use cases and realized that
time of registering new objectClass using OpenLDAP dynamic configuration
grows linearly. It looks like slapd completely rewrites contents of
cn=config folder on any configuration change.

No, it doesn't.

Probably this question belongs on openldap-software; there is no bug here.

This issue makes OpenLDAP schema to be a bottleneck in our large
scalable application. Do you plan to store OpenLDAP configuration in bdb
or hdb database? Or another solution of this issue is planned?

WBR, Dmitry V. Korotkov

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