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Re: (ITS#6157) unAbandonable operations aren't.

Caught cancel(cancel) and cancel/abandon(abandon/bind/unbind),
partly fixed cancel(cn=config update) problem, without doing this:

> Suggested partual fix - add this possible value for o_cancel:
>     #define SLAP_CANCEL_INVALID 0x04 /* like 0 but prevents Cancel */

Still need something that to fix cancel(cn=config update) completely.

syncrepl/syncprov, starttls not yet addressed.

Also cancel(cancel) still behaves in a non-RFC way.  Correct fix
would require resetting o_abandon, which seems unsafe.  Who knows
what has already reacted to it.

Will update this patch for the remaining issues later:

> Something like this:
>     http://folk.uio.no/hbf/OpenLDAP/cancel-cancel.txt