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(ITS#6156) Translucent overlay not working correctly when not asking for attributes included in search filter

Full_Name: Isaac Clerencia
Version: 2.4.15
OS: Ubuntu
Submission from: (NULL) (

The translucent overlay doesn't return entries if any of the attributes included
in the search filter is remote and is not requested.

The easiest way to reproduce this is modifying slightly test034-translucent. The
ldapsearch in line 786 looks originally like this:
$LDAPSEARCH -H $URI2 -b "o=translucent"
"(|(employeeType=foo)(carlicense=right))" > $SEARCHOUT 2>&1

The original test works correctly because it requests all the attributes,
including carLicense.

If we change it to request a specific attribute such as preferredLanguage:
$LDAPSEARCH -H $URI2 -b "o=translucent"
"(|(employeeType=foo)(carlicense=right))" preferredLanguage > $SEARCHOUT 2>&1
the test fails.

If we just ask for the carLicense attribute, the test passes:
$LDAPSEARCH -H $URI2 -b "o=translucent"
"(|(employeeType=foo)(carlicense=right))" carLicense > $SEARCHOUT 2>&1

As long as carLicense is included in the request attributes the test will pass,
otherwise it will fail.