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Re: (ITS#6103) canceled operations do not respond

The send_ldap_response() fix is still incomplete:

When rc == LDAP_CANCELLED, the function should not send sr_matched,
sr_text, sr_ref, and sr_ctrls.  Looking at how Abandon works, it seems
slap_cleanup_play() should still see them if they are not sent?

Note, not just when the function itself sets rc = LDAP_CANCELLED,
since syncprov can set rs->sr_err = LDAP_CANCELLED too.
Which also suggests the assert( rs->sr_err == LDAP_REFERRAL ) when
sr_ref != NULL is rather dubious.  Maybe sr_ref should just
be ignored when sending something else than LDAP_REFERRAL.

Also, this:
	rc = rs->sr_err;
	if ( rc == SLAPD_ABANDON && op->o_cancel )
will send a negative result code (SLAPD_ABANDON) if !o_cancel.
I guess it should be
	if ( rc == SLAPD_ABANDON ) {
		if ( !op->o_cancel ) goto <cleanup or clean2>;

While we're at it, I suggest to generalize this to avoid sending
result codes < 0.  Send LDAP_OTHER instead.  That's ITS#5328 again.