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Re: (ITS#6096) 2.4.16 replica segfault

masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
> luca.scamoni@sys-net.it wrote:
>> hyc@symas.com ha scritto:
>>> Good idea.
>>> Also, I think the original LDAP message should still be intact, in frame 6
>>> "msg" - perhaps you can extract the DN that was actually received and figure
>>> out why it had a problem.
>> This is the msg from frame 6
>> (gdb) p msg->lm_ber->ber_buf[0]@100
>> $4 =
>> "\002\001\002d\202\0046\004\000\000\202\004003\004\tentryUUID\000&\004$6a0ba116-b291-11da-8006-87f6e679f1bd0*\004\vobjectClass\000\033\004\024cRLDistribution"
> The second '\000' after '\004' (octet string) was probably put by
> ber_scanf("m") to terminate the string, but the first one seems to be
> the length of the octet string!  So apparently the message actually
> contained an empty DN, which makes little sense.  Could the error be at
> the provider's side?

It certainly looks that way. What version is the provider, what version is the 
consumer? You only said there were mixed versions before, you never specified 
which was which.

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