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Re: (ITS#6092) correct string problem in guess_service_principal()

mikbec@web.de writes:
> When GSSAPI option GSSAPI_ALLOW_REMOTE_PRINCIPAL is switched on then
> string provided by "givenstr" will be used as principal name. But
> length of string counted in "svc_principal_size" is one letter to
> less.

svc_principal_size looks correct in that case, but the snprintf is
wrong.  I can't test, but it should work to pass svc_principal_size
instead of svc_principal_size-1.  Except snprintf seems pointless here,
since we already make sure to allocate enough memory to avoid overflow.

I'll take the opportunity to get rid of a gcc -Wformat warning - it
can't verify the format argument since that is not a string literal.

Like this.  What's a good name for my new "prefix" variable below?  I
don't know Kerberos/GSSAPI terminology.

	const char *prefix;
	if (allow_remote && givenstr) {
		prefix = "";
		str = givenstr;
	} else {
		prefix = "ldap/";
		str = (allow_remote && dnsHostName) ? dnsHostName : host;

	svc_principal = (char*) ldap_memalloc(strlen(prefix) + strlen(str) + 1);
	if ( svc_principal == NULL ) {
		ld->ld_errno = LDAP_NO_MEMORY;
		return ld->ld_errno;
	sprintf( svc_principal, "%s%s", prefix, str);