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Re: (ITS#5389) Contribution: JLDAP support for password policy response control

Rastogi Arpit wrote:
> hi Raymond ,
Hi Arpit,

>    This is just for my understanding . Is Password Policy response is a 
> standard ? What is the requirement of this particular feature to be 
> present in JLDAP? What is this feature and how it can be used ?
>    We can take it in if this is a standard but if this is not a standard 
> than we cannot take this in as this will make the code bulkier.
The Password Policy control is based the IETF password policy proposal 
for LDAP. The following URLs provide more detail on it:


Essentially the code I've provided allows users of JLDAP send password 
policy request control messages and interpret the directory server 
responses. It can be used in the following instances:

* At bind time where the directory server can indicate whether the 
user's account is about to expire, has expired, or is locked.
   * If the account is about to expire, how long before this occurs.
   * If the account has expired, how many grace logins are left before 
the account is locked out.
* At password reset time where the directory server can indicate whether 
the new password meets password policy requirements including:
   * Whether the password is strong enough.
   * Whether the new password set is one that has already been used.
These and more are described in the URLs I have provided.

Although it is an expired draft, it is supported by OpenLDAP (in slapd 
via the slapo-ppolicy overlay and is also supported by the ldapsearch 
client). It is also supported by the following LDAP servers (there may 
be more but these are the ones I do use):

CA/eTrust directory
SunONE directory
IBM Tivoli directory server

The functionality provided by the code I've written is also available in 
other programming languages (Perl via Net::LDAP and in other Java LDAP 

> regards,
> Arpit


Raymond B. Edah
e-mail: t2tre ^ skyblue.eu.com
web:    http://www.cs.skyblue.eu.com