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Re: (ITS#6040) SEGV - hdb_cache_lru_purge / bdb_cache_delete_internal / ldap_pvt_thread_mutex_lock


We're still unfortunately stuck on 2.4.15 pending various  
changecontrols on our side.

I have a work-around, however for 2.4.15 - in case anyone ever reads  
this ticket and has further problems.

By dramatically increasing the cachesize and idlcachesize entries in  
the relevant hdb database section, the cache is walked less often, and  
cleaned out less often. This reduces the number of times the problem  
could occur, which seems to have reduced the incidence from around 4*  
a day down to zero times in the last 20 days.

We are using cachesize of 20000 and idlsize of 60000. This increases  
memory size, but gives us stability.



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