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Re: (ITS#6055) Samba4 need 'name' implementation like AD (RDN-Name)

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> michael@stroeder.com wrote:
>> (I've stumbled across ITS#5704. Isn't that already something like this?)
> not exactly, as sets do not allow a placeholder for the naming
> attribute; maybe something like "this/entryRDN.ava{0}.value" if it
> existed...

But given that slapd already enforces the characteristic attribute (e.g.
'cn' for 'user' on Samba4) to be part of the entry IMHO this is not
needed. Provided the order of the checks are right.

So this would be:

constraint_attribute    name set

constraint_attribute    name set

Since uniqueness of 'cn' or 'ou' for one-level search for the above
cases is already enforced wouldn't this be sufficient?

Maybe I miss something though.

Ciao, Michael.