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Re: (ITS#6058) slapcat aborts on a double free

luca@openldap.org writes:
> Slapcat on a slapd instance using rwm overlay, aborts with:
> *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x09ed06e3 ***

It's an invalid free() of (static EntryHeader eh).e_bv.bv_val at:
   ch_free                  (ch_malloc.c:139)
   hdb_tool_entry_close     (back-hdb/tools.c:164)
   slapcat                  (slapcat.c:135)
   main                     (main.c:636)
already freed (as (Entry *e)->e_bv.bv_val) at:
   ch_free                  (ch_malloc.c:139)
   entry_clean              (entry.c:498)
   entry_free               (entry.c:514)
   rwm_entry_release_rw     (overlays/rwm.c:827)
   overlay_entry_release_ov (backover.c:421)
   over_entry_release_rw    (backover.c:463)
   be_entry_release_rw      (backend.c:867)
   slapcat                  (slapcat.c:117)
   main                     (main.c:636)

I needed to prepend
   include servers/slapd/schema/core.schema
to your config.