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Re: (ITS#6063) Syncrepl replication be_modify failed (18)

wan@ccs.neu.edu wrote:
> I've been battling some issues with syncrepl for a while now, and I
> can't quite figure out what has gone wrong.
> [..]
> and am still having issues (now at
> 2.4.15)

Could you please try 2.4.16 released a couple of days ago? There were
four syncrepl-related fixes in this release. Not sure whether one of the
fixes really solves your particular problem but please give it a try.

Maybe it would also help if you try to get more detailed logs by
starting slapd with -d on the console. (You might also need to use -u
and/or -g option to use the demon user.)

Ciao, Michael.